Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2 1/2 years way to long.

Since moving to Utah in July of 2007, I told myself ok I will make a trip back home next year. Well 2008 came and gone and so did 2009. At the begining of 2010 I told myself that this would be the year that I take that trip to Tacoma. I couldn't believe that it took me 2 1/2 years to finally make it back to Tacoma. Since Cody and I moved here we have been working a lot and I can't stress enough that we work a lot. I love my job but it was great to get away for 5 days. I took the first flight out of Salt Lake on March 11th, one of my greatest friends ever picked me up at the airport and I spent the day with her and her kids, Krysten I am so greatful that we were able to spend time together. I had a great time going to Target even tho we didn't make it to that Hat Isle, we will have to save that for my next trip. Later that afternoon my sister Shawna picked me up and we headed to her house where an anxious 7 year old was waiting to see her Aunt!! My brother in law made a great dinner then it was off to see my Mom & Dad and my Grandma. Pretty much everyone knew I was coming but my Dad and Grandma. My mom and I had it planned that my dad would answer the door. The look on his face was totally priceless, I wish I had my camera out. He opened the door then shut it on me because he was shocked to see me there. Needless to say My dad was very happy to see me and so was their dog Rufus. I didn't know who I was more excited to see My dad or Rufus. I got big hugs from my Mom & Dad then I went and said hello to my Grandma and got the biggest hug ever! I really love my Grandma and I was thankful to be able to spend time with her. We spent a good couple of hours with my Parents. Friday morning it was off to get pedicures with the girls, Me my sister Shawna my niece Jenna and my sister in law Bridgette. I was so excited to see my Brother and sister in law because back in June they had their 3rd son Jaimus, I got to meet my nephew for the first time, he is the cutest thing ever!! After pedicures it was off to get lunch, I think I ate the best Mexican resturant ever. That evening the whole family came over for dinner. My sister Susan got married last summer and I wasn't able to make it home for the wedding so I was able to meet her husband Tom and one of her Step Kids Beth who is the sweetest ever. I can't wait to meet the other 3 kids. Saturday was a girls day for Shawna, Jenna and I. We took the light rail in down Town Tacoma, Jenna was super excited to take the train since she had never been on one and the best thing its free. We went to lunch and then walked down the street to get these awesome cupcakes. Saturday was just a great day. Sunday I was able to attend my old ward and see friends that I hadn't seen since I had moved. That afternoon my baby nephew had his blessing. It was awesome to be able to be there for that. I've been able to be there for all of my nieces and nephews blessings. I don't think I've missed one. I can't wait for my next trip and hopefully i'll be able to see some other friends and stay longer!

Me and the kiddo's!

Me and Kourtney