Saturday, March 14, 2009

Big Move Day!

So today was the big day! We moved into our new house. I should be unpacking but I just wanted to share the exciting news that we are finally here! Its an awesome feeling knowing that we are in our own home! We were lucky enough to have a few of our friends from work come help us move! So in the next few days we should be totally moved in. The only thing i'll have to do is hang up pictues and what not. I'll take some pictures of the new place once everything gets set into place!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So Ready For Spring

After a nice mild winter I am so ready for spring this year. I am so excited to get in there and start getting my hands dirty. I've never been one to really like doing yard work but for some strange reason I can't wait to get started and make our home look really pretty. I can't wait to plant flowers and hopefully some rose bushes. Growing up my mom always had nice flowers, and rose bushes. So I can't wait to do the same. Both my mom and sisters are great with flowers so I hope that trate follows me too!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Just a little update

Its been a little while since i've posted so I thought I would give an update on how the move is going. We still haven't moved into the new house yet, we have taken a few things over. I went over today and hung up some pictures in the main bathroom. I'm getting a little more excited each day. And I am soo excited to say that we paid our last rent check ever! Now the next check we write will be for our mortgage payment, how freaky is that. Its still a shock to say we OWN a house. I'm soo excited to get moved in and get everything all decorate. I'm also very excited for my sister Shawna to come see the new place and help me decorate. So the end of the month I will have more pictures of the house looking really cute! I took some pictures today I hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for more pics to come as we start moving in.
you can click on the pics to see them bigger!