Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter Has Arrived

So this morning I looked out the window and what did I see NOT pop corn popping on the apricot tree, I saw SNOW. Yes I'm sad to say that winter has arrived here in Logan, Utah. I knew we were going to have a little snow today, yes deep down I really did want it to snow but if any of you really know me know that I don't like snow. I like it in the mountains but not on the ground here I have to see it up close. I love the mountains around Logan they are filled with snow and I love it. I guess i'll just have to live with the snow now that i'm sure we will be getting more of it...

Happy Snow Time everyone!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend!

I have to admit I had one great weekend. Friday after thanksgiving we had a girls night out. It was me along with my awesome sister in laws, Jen, Kala, Trina and Tawna. We all met up for dinner at Bluebird, my mother in law joined us for dinner and surprised us all and paid for our dinner. We had a great time at dinner sharing stories and laughing a lot, I had a great time. After dinner we headed out to see Twilight. I was never big into the whole Twilight stuff until I saw the movie. And yes yours truely is a Twilight fan. I came home that night and told Cody that I had to read the book and he sighed at me, because he knows i'm not much of a reader but I have to read these books. While watching the movie it made me miss Washington. Seeing all that pretty greenery and the gloomy weather. What can I say i'm a true Washington girl at heart and yes I love a good gloomy weather day! So I just want to thank my sister in laws for getting me hooked I am soo happy we went to go see the movie together! We will have to make this a tradition to have a girls night out whenever we are able to get together!

The next day saturday Cody and I were able to go on a date! Its not all that often the two of us get to go out and enjoy a day together! I've been wanting to go to this all you can eat Chinese restaurant here in town. They have an awesome Mongolian grill. So we headed out to lunch and left really stuffed and then we went to go see Four Christmases. That was a really cute movie and I was thankful that Cody went with me to go see it!

I had an awesome weekend and I hope everyone has a great holiday season!!!!