Sunday, October 26, 2008

Way Good!!

This afternoon we family dinner at Mick and Jens house. We were celebrating Tabbi's belated birthday. Now we don't get to see Tabbi all that often since she lives out east in Virginia. It was nice being together with family today. Now when it comes to our birthday dinner my mother in law lets us pick out the menu and such. And Tabbi picked out a huge winner it was soo good. She found the recipe on a blog called Pioneer Woman. I was curious so I went and took a look. She has lots of yummie recipes. So I just wanted to share the yummie goodness we had this afternoon Apple Dumplings.
I did not make this yummie dessert my amazing mother in law made this!

This pic is from the website
Here is a link to the blog Pioneer Woman


Tawna said...

I've made that a few times after tabbi sent me the recipe. LOVE it!!! And it's so easy to make! And you should definitely read the Twilight books. They are soooo good. Trina owns them all, so you could borrow them from her. :) I wish I could have been with all of you, I miss my family so much..