Monday, June 16, 2008

What A Great Weekend!

After a great first work week for me, Cody and I had the whole weekend off together. As many of you know Cody has been working pretty much 7 days a week. Well he actually had this weekend off. So I told him that he and I could go on a date. When my brother and sister in law and their kids and my older sister and niece came to visit last month. On our way to Salt Lake I had told them I Had never gone to Chiles. That day came and went and the next day my sister and I stayed here at the house while my brother and sister in law gassed up the car and ran some errands. My brother comes back to me with this To GO Box and said you left this in my car. I was thinking I didn't leave anything in the car yesterday. So I opened it and there was a gift card to Chiles and movie tickets for Cody and I. SO We were able to enjoy ourselves and go on a date together. We had a great lunch and we went and saw the Hulk. That was a great movie. I just want to thank my brother and my sister in law and my sister for that little treat for Cody and I we really appreciated it. I just have to say I am so great full for my family and everything they do for me. I love them and miss them lots!!!!


Barnes Family said...

Oh that's so cute!! It's great to have family come visit!
Your page is very cute! Take care!